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MOC 3-2-C for the Week of July 31

Want to hit an art event but don't know where to go? Marks on Canvas has got you covered with a weekly roundup of art events happening in and around Chicago. Here are the MOC three events to see this week:


Wednesday – Saturday thru August @ Select Locations

Floating Museum will bring the Chicago River alive this August with robust, free, interactive public arts and culture programming. Celebrating the River’s industrial past, Floating Museum will transform a barge into an aesthetically striking mobile gallery filled with art crates displaying work created by local artists and our collaborators.


Thursday, August 3, 6- 7:30pm @ Gallery 400

A conversation with Robyn Hillman-Harrigan of Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter and Aislinn Borsini, Coordinator for Black Lives Matter Chicago. Coinciding with Gallery 400’s current exhibition Black Light, this conversation explores the fraught relationship between space and power.


Opening Reception: Friday, August 4th, 6-10pm @ Galerie F

Blood, $weat & Years is a celebration to surviving the times. Through sacrifice, grindin' and determination we prevail. Proving nature's laws wrong, we learned to fly without wings. Sentrock's iconic characters, shocking colors and fierce poetry, expose each of us to our own blazing persistence that comes from the heart and raises the tide of our shared humanity.

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