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MOC 3-2-C for the Week of July 24

Want to hit an art event but don't know where to go? Marks on Canvas has got you covered with a weekly roundup of art events happening in and around Chicago. Here are the MOC three events to see this week:


Friday, July 28, 6pm – 9pm @ Matthew Rachman Gallery

Artist Hannah Perry Saucier’s work presented in “The Chip” visually represent the organization of inner worlds and explores how the mind adjusts itself as we adapt and change.


Saturday, July 29, 10am @ National Museum of Mexican Art

Bring your running shoes and enjoy a public art tour around Pilsen with Miguel ‘Kane One’ Aguilar. Intended for all levels of runners. After the run, participate in a gallery conversation about the artist’s work. Meet in the Museum lobby at 10am.


Saturday, July 29, 6pm-10pm @ All Star Press

Getting his start in the Chicago graffiti scene 6 years ago, Lefty’s work has since expanded all over the world and into mediums such as fashion, furniture, installations, photography, and projections. Experimenting with untraditional screen print processes, the two are aiming to emphasize the beauty of color, glare and reflection. Culminating in a showcase of limited edition screen prints.

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